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Villa Sant'Andrea

Vacation Rental Villa in Cortona, Tuscany



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Gardens, Olive Groves and Vineyards, Rare and Antique Fruits

The property of Villa Sant'Andrea, carefully attended, generously affords a majestic view over the Valdichiana. With over 8 acres of land, the gardens are planted in over 200 olive trees, vineyards, many varieties of fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and aromatic herbs and flowers, all treated organically. The bountiful vegetables and fruits are yours to enjoy in season.

Olive Groves

Olive oil from our trees is now available through Soc. Agr. Sant'Andrea a Bacialla, S.R.L.

At Sant’Andrea we grow the following types of olive trees for the oil:

FRANTOIO – considered the most famous variety of oil producing olive, preferable grown in the Center of Italy and occasionally a little more to the north of the Apennines. The olives are plentiful and produce an abundant amount of oil with a “fruity” flavor. It has a better output if pollinated by the varieties Pendolino and Leccino.

LECCINO – typical of Tuscany and its immediate north, this is an ancient, rustic and quite productive variety. It is also interesting from an ornamental point of view and it is selected by landscapers for the beautiful foliage and the think head of leaves. It produces quite well and its olives are also suitable for treating as eating olives. It is best if pollinated by the Variety Pendolino and Frantoio.

MAURINO – it is a variety of great interest, especially for the Central area of Italy and is highly esteemed for the quantity of production and for the quality of the oil. It is also ideal for higher elevations as if can stand a colder environment. It is pollinated by the varieties Moraiolo and Pendolino

MORAIOLO – this is an ancient and rustic variety, highly recommended for higher ground and windy areas and offering a good production of olives. It is naturally sterile and is optimally pollinated by the varieties Maurino and Pendolino.

PENDOLINO – this is immediately recognized as the tree has narrow leaves and long drooping branches that look like a weeping willow. The olives are rather small but the production is very high and their quality quite high. It does not need a pollinator but it is an excellent pollinator for most other varieties.

RASTRELLINO – the rarest variety which has nearly disappeared from the area (it was cultivated only in Tuscany and Umbria). It has one of the highest quality of olives but does not offer as much of a production, hence many growers excluded it from their orchards. It grows nearly everywhere but prefers difficult locations where other olive trees would not survive. It is auto-fertile and we are trying to restart its use in our area

table olives:

CERIGNOLA – also known as “Grossa di Spagna” as it was presumed to have been planted by the Spanish in the southern parts of Italy. It produces one of the biggest olives (about ½ oz each) rich in meat and flavor. It produces better if pollinated by the varieties Frantoio, Leccino or Pendolino

ASCOLANA – this variety also produces a big olive of a bright light green color and very sweet. It is pollinated by the varieties Leccino or Moraiolo

Please e mail for information [email protected]

Rare and Antique Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are at the disposal of our guests.


"Decio" an antique variety cultivated until the times of the Romans. In Tuscany it is known by the name of "Nesta" and it is an apple that conserves with excellence. The pulp is very crisp and at the same time sugary.

"Rosa Romana" an apple mentioned by Pliny, a rustic variety with organolectic properties.

"Cul di Somaro" Malus domestica Borkh


"Allora" (Vernina) A typical Tuscan cultivar, oblong in shape, with green skin that yellows towards maturation, and has a very delicate pulp, that is meaty, juicy and very sweet.

"Volpina" an antique pear that is very appreciated in the kitchen for cooking, but is also in the winter delicious as a raw fruit.


"Elberta", a very antique Tuscan variety with a very flavorful yellow pulp.


"Paviot" a large fruitwith a beautiful dark yellow color, smoked with pink. Very flavorful and aromatic.


"Damaschina estiva" a small excellent fruit.

"Mirabella" one to go crazy for the flavor!

"Verdacchia" an historic plum represented by Bimbi and part of the Medici collection, and well describe in the "Pomona" grown for it's excellent flavor.


"Corniola" Cornus mas, an antique variety related to the Dogwood, which makes excellent base for liqueurs.

"Maraschina di Firenze", the old true Maraschino cherry.

Herb Garden

Many particular varieties of herbs are grown in the garden specifically for liquer making and cooking.

A partial list of our herbs:

Lavender, in abundance

Thyme, in abundance

Rosemary, in abundance

Sage, in abundance

Parsley, in season, artichokes in season, vegetables in season.